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About Us

Take-a-Quiz is a question and answer game site where you can play quizzes to test your knowledge on a variety of subjects.  We also have a wide array of trivia questions.  This site was reconstructed in January 2014 from the original site which has been online since 1999. 

If you have ideas for quizzes or wish to contribute topics with which you have special knowledge, please contact us.  Thank you for your interest in

Our multi-topic quiz site has word games, trivia on sports, history, science, movies, music, kids subjects, military, the wild west, Black history and even the Bible.  The most popular entertainment quizzes at Take a Quiz are our Movies and TV Trivia.  We have many unique brain teasers such as our Wild West Quiz and Military trivia.   

Some of our science tests and history tests may be difficult if you haven't been to school lately but give it a try anyway and see how much you've remembered over the years.  Did you know that brain testing helps keep you young? 

Our quiz program is very much  like "Jeopardy" online but in the form of a multiple choice test so it's easier than any "Jeopardy" test where you have to come up with the answer all by yourself.  And don't cheat; you only have a limited time. 

So don't put yourself in "Jeopardy", put yourself in Take a Quiz mode and keep that brain of yours well oiled.  Enjoy Take a Quiz online quizzes and online trivia now.